Zmodo has earned good reputation all over the world by delivering high class video cameras and the best customer services to its customers since its inception in 2009. Until now the company has sold almost 8 million products all over the world. Recently this company has entered the market of smart home solutions by introducing new line connected automation and video products. today the company is one of the few companies that deal in smart home solutions, based on users experience and their hardware solutions as it has manufacturing facilities in Jiangsu and Shenzhen on more than 386,000 square feet area along with customer support and logistics in Champaign, IL as well as research and development facilities in Shenzhen at nearly 46,000 square feet area.

Products of Zmodo

The company offers wide range of indoor and outdoor monitoring systems along with security kits and related accessories to keep you safe wherever you go ( visit : Zmodo Reviews ). It indoor monitoring systems include EZCam Pro video camera, EZCam video camera, Pivot video camera, Mini Wi-Fi Camera and Pan & Tilt Camera. Its outdoor monitoring systems include 1080p Outdoor Wi-Fi Cam and Greet Video Doorbell. Company has introduced Replay Wireless Security System as its security kit and its related accessories include sensors for doors and windows available in the packs of 2s and 4s and Beam Wi-Fi extender.

Indoor monitoring solutions

The indoor monitoring solutions of this company help you inn tracking your pets and kids within your home to ensure their safety and security every time with the help of smart use of connected cameras.

  • Pivot is a HD quality camera with 1080p resolution that can be used to talk and monitor your kids and pets from anywhere.
  • EZCam Pro is a professional grade camera which can be used to tag your loved ones anytime from anywhere.
  • EZCam is another compact but sophisticated solutions for monitoring your home every time.
  • Mini Wi-Fi Cam and Pan and Tilt are the devices that can be used to monitor all other things loved by you.

Outdoor monitoring solutions

The outdoor monitoring systems delivered  allow you to know who is coming or going from your home every time. Its outdoor monitoring solutions include:

  • Wi-Fi video doorbell: You will never miss to greet a visitor with this doorbell.
  • 1080p Outdoor Camera: It will always ensure the internal as well as external security of your home.

Smart accessories

Zmodo has introduced smart accessories to make you home smart internally as well as externally. Its smart accessories include:

  • Beam: It can keep you connected with your home easily even if you are not near it.
  • Door/Window Sensors: These sensors will let you know whenever a window or door or window is opened.

Security kits

The Company has introduced professional security kits to take the security of your home to next level. These kits are the wireless security systems that can be used to keep your home internally and externally safe. They include:

  • Replay: This security kit ensures that your entire home is under security cover.
  • Replay Indoor: This security kit ensures internal security of your entire home.

Cloud recording system

Along with the smart security systems discussed above Zmodo also offers continuous cloud recording which can allow you to access the footage of your home from wherever you are. The company offers 30 days free trial pack of its cloud recording system. After that you can choose a plan as per your requirements.

This pack includes all cloud compatible cameras from Zmodo with complimentary storage of the alerts of last 36 hours. These videos will be stored continuously 24/7 on the cloud if you use its paid recording plans.

Plans for cloud recording

  • Basic plan with alerts for last 36 hours for 7 days is free.
  • 7-Day Plan: Price for continuous cloud recording and storage of alert clips for 7days is $4.99 per month or $49.90 per year.
  • 30-Day Plan: Price for continuous cloud recording and storage of alert clips is $9.99 per month or $99.90 per year.

In this way the cloud recording allows you to monitor your home through web or mobile phone from anywhere. You can access past recording of your cameras anytime from anywhere through any device.

Consequently, Zmodo offers wide range of security of your home through a number of smart security devices. Main aim of the company is to simplify the life of its customers by providing them innovative and affordable connected products for seamless security of their offices and homes. You can monitor your home anytime from anywhere in this world through your mobile devices.