When it comes to biometric identification with the use of the human eye, a lot of people mix up the retina scanning and iris recognition process. These two things might be very close to each other, but they are something completely different and both of them are used for different things. that’s why it is so important that you don’t get these two things mixed up again. If you want to know more about the differences between these two things, then read carefully through this article and you will find out a lot of new and fun information about these processes.

Retina Scanning

RetinaThe retina scanning is very important part of biometric identification because the capillaries inside the retina that are responsible for supplying it with blood have a very complex arrangement which makes the retina unique. This means that every person on this planet has a different arrangement of these capillaries and they allow researchers like us to easily identify each person. Even if you have an identical twin brother/sister, the arrangement of your capillaries will be different. The one issue that this identification method have is that the pattern of your capillaries can change due to some disease such as diabetes, retinal degenerative disorders or even glaucoma.

Iris Recognition

The iris is a very thin circular part inside your eye that is responsible for changing the size and the diameter of your pupils depending on the Lightsource that reach to your retina. The eye color that everyone has is actually the iris part of your eye and the colors can vary from person to person. The iris recognition is another great method of the biometric identification process that is using some type of pattern recognizing techniques to identify people. Unlike the retinal scanning process, this one is using a technology that is based on the camera.