One of the questions that we got asked many times is what is the most accurate biometric technology that is available today. Well, answering that question is not easy because every biometrical technology is extremely accurate and the chances of not being are almost zero. Of course, there are some cases when things can change and the reading of a fingerprint, for example, can be wrong, but these types of errors happen very rarely. As mentioned, giving a right answer for this question can be difficult because we cannot tell which technology offers the more accuracy.

Usually when you ask people about what they think is the most accurate technology they say it is the palm biometric. That is because this scanning process is much stronger than the other ones. Meaning that this technology will scan not only the surface of your palm, but it will also scan the vein pattern that is running in your palm. Therefore, there is much more data coming from an entire palm than it is from a fingerprint. Unfortunately, that is also not the most accurate technology, there is one more that can compete with the palm biometrics and that is DNA biometrics.

Robust Scanners

PalmThe good thing that these palm scanners have is that they are quite robust and they are able to penetrate deep beneath the surface of your skin which gives us much more information about the person than any other type of biometric technology. Other biometric technologies are using a much weaker method, for example, the fingerprint technology is only scanning the outside layer of your skin that is exposed. The palm scanners in the other hand are scanning the skin surface for all the patterns and they also penetrating deeper beneath your skin to scan the vein structure and patterns that you have.