The Art Institutes (MyAICampus) are a system of art colleges in more than 50 locations across the United States. They offer master’s degree, bachelor’s degree, associate degrees in visual, creative, and culinary arts. The parent company headquarters is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here is a quick tour of the official website of Ai campus.

MyAiCampus Login Page:

The Student Assistance Program enables the students of Ai to create an account on the official website for free. By giving the username and password, the student can get registered in the student portal. If the student is new then by clicking on the New Student link helps to create an account.

Home Page:

The Home page displays all the most-used information. The latest news column shows the events, announcements, news in one place. The student can also pay the bills directly from their accounts. The school calendar marks all the important dates of the student such as holidays, finals week, Registrar dates also the event dates and keeps updating them on a regular basis. In the bottom, the social network sites take the student to the official social media sites of The Art Institutes just by clicking on it.

My Classes:

On top of the My classes session, the academic status displays the academic status of that student. The My classes tab provides all the necessary information about the scheduled classes. The student can get the necessary details of the classes he needs to attend on that day and track the upcoming schedules.

Student Resource Center:

It combines all the quick links, forms and documents so that the student can access them conveniently. The student can also access e-books and learning videos to do his preparation. The Shopping tab allows the student to buy the products he needs and also offer reasonable discounts on them.

Technical Resource Center:

When the student is having any connectivity or display problems, the technical support will immediately come to trouble shoot the issues. It provides various ways to resolve the issues. The tutorial tab provides a quick info about how to solve the common technical problems. The browser offers the information on web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. The plug-in info tab downloads the list of plug-ins necessary to solve the problems.

Academic Affairs MyAirCampus:

This page ( MyAiCampus) displays the details of registrar office, online courses option and also the textbook listings. The textbooks session helps the students by providing the term and course of the student, displays the textbooks accordingly. The academic affairs also show the grades of the student by clicking on My Grades page and can calculate the GPA by GPA Calculator. By entering the grades, the calculator will show the GPA.

Student affairs:

The student affairs tab shows the necessary information about the clubs in the University, nearby housing details for accommodation, disability services, and the veteran affairs. The Student Assistance Program allows the students to directly talk to the executives, who guide them properly by providing the required details.

Financial Aid:

One of the most helpful tabs of the website is the financial aid which displays the loans of the students and the estimated disbursement dates. The student can easily monitor the details of the loans and can also view the history of previous transactions.


The support page guides the student to clarify the doubts by showing the frequently asked questions. The student can also call to the service counsellors who assist the students by providing the services required by them.

Update Profile and Security Alerts:

The update profile helps to change the passwords, and the security question and answers. The student can review the profile details. Also whenever there is an unauthorized login attempt or a security breach, the student will be immediately sent an alert.

This exclusive student portal provides everything a student need and guides them correctly. The number of students registered in the website took a surge in the past few years, and myaicampus is proud to state that they provide reliable services to the students.